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Create a Restful Work Space

February 15, 2016

It’s Spring!

Create A Happy and Restful Work Space

Before long it will be warm enough to get outside and work in the garden, but before that you can freshen up and spring clean the inside of your home — the kitchen, family room and mud room. Take your spring cleaning one step further and create a corner office — a restful work space with personality.

Restful Work Space

This article with photos will help you design a restful work space. Here are great tips on  how to create a mini bulletin board to keep organized and how to add colorful office supplies, frames and knickknacks. In no time your office space will be a calm retreat and a fun work environment.

Tips To Personalize Your New Desk Space




Savory and Sweet Blackberry Thyme Cheese Recipe

March 5, 2015

While cheese can be eaten as is, the entertaining geniuses at came up with a way to make it even better (if that’s even possible). The careful mix of a soft ripening cheese mixed with blackberry and thyme takes an ordinary roll of cheese and turns it into something truly extraordinary in flavor. Imagine pairing this with a fresh loaf of bread? DELICIOUS. Get the full recipe for this Blackberry Thyme Baked Cheese!


Looking for more cheesy goodness? Treat yourself (or someone you love) to a savory cheese basket filled with your favorites!


Last-Minute Party Snack: Pulled Pantry Mix

February 12, 2015

Whether it’s neighbors popping in to say hello or in-laws surprising you with a visit, sometimes there isn’t always time to plan a full menu to feed the guests. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still wow! came up with the perfect snack for those last-minute guests: a pulled pantry party mix! Check out their tips for this easy idea (hint: it includes grabbing odds and ends for your pantry and creating something delicious and new!).

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Dried Fruit & Nut Assortments


General Snack Assortments


Turn a Gift Basket Into a Stylish Cheese Spread

December 5, 2014

Turn a cheese basket into a stylish spread for your holiday party with a few simple steps!

The party ideas pros at share this extra cheesy party platter that’ll impress guests and add a sophisticated element to your party food spread. Dress it up with crackers, dip, gourmet meats, and more. By labeling the different cheeses, you not only turn the appetizer bar into a culinary experience, but make it easy for guests to establish which cheeses are their favorite as well as which ones they will be avoiding next time. Get the how to for this amazing DIY Chic Cheese platter.