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Summer Symphony: Cheeseboards

July 11, 2018
the taste of Italian Gargonzola

Fresh Fruit & Cheese Gourmet Gift Box

For a sensational appetizer that appeals to guests with many different palettes, some with restricted diets consider serving a Summer Symphony of flavors and textures: Cheeseboards! Cheddar, Goat, Bleu, Feta, Parmigiano and Farmstead pair superbly with fresh fruit, jam and nuts.

Salty, Sweet, Tangy and Sour Mingle

Did you know that there are 2000 plus hard and soft cheeses in shades of white, cream and yellow? You can’t go wrong if you start with what you love. Cheddar, originating in England, is always a star. You’ll want some exotic sounding cheeses too. Hit your local farmer’s market, sample a few new cheeses and be inventive. Cheesemongers have profound love for cheese and will help you select the best!

Bold, Complex, Regional

Through a long, caring and patient process that starts with raising cows and goats, cheesemongers craft elaborate cheeses. The result is more a work of art than a savory snack! Go for it and try an intriguing French cheese like Normandy Camembert, a Spanish cheese with smokiness like Idiazabel (Northern Spain) or a Sonoma California  Bellwether Farms® Carmody Cheese. Elevate the taste of cheese by adding jams, chocolate and surprises like lemon curd.

Create a colorful cheeseboard with fresh or dried fruit. Present the summer symphony cheeseboards on marble slates that will keep the cheese slightly cool to room temperature. Accessorize the boards with a few quality cheese knives. Style the cheese in bite size squares, pie slices and uneven cubes. Serve crackers alongside in rustic baskets. Trending now: Straight lines of fruit, cheese and nuts on rectangular plates.

Prepare a sweet, hearty or Italian cheeseboard for summer entertaining. What’s your favorite?

The Sweet Goat

Creamy Goat Cheese, Fresh Apricots, Fresh Ripe Peaches, Brie Creamy Cheese Spread Cream Cheese Topped with Lemon Curd, Charcuterie, Italian Dry Salame Whole Almonds, Small Jar Of Cherry Jam, Small Jar Of Honey, Partners Olive Oil & Sea Salt Crackers

Hearty English Cheddar

Cheddar, Stilton, Bleu Cheese, Bing Cherries, Walnuts, Fig Jam, Milk or Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Pralines, Raisin Crispettes

Mama Mia Mozzarella

Water Buffalo Mozzarella, Wide Beefsteak Tomatoes, Fresh Basil, Olive Oil, Crusty French Baguette

A Pretty Box, A Rustic Basket & Cheeseboards

What could be more perfect for summer entertaining than a pretty display of gourmet cheese and fruit? Our Fresh Fruit & Cheese Gourmet Gift Box is reminiscent of the Gorgonzola cheeses of Italy! Vintage Gourmet Fruit & Cheese Gift Basket features delicious ripe fruit ready for guests, Sierra Nevada® Jack Cheese and a tempting chocolate pairing.


bounty of fresh fruit

Vintage Gourmet Fruit & Cheese Gift Basket