Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Spa-tacular: 10 Tips for Having a Spa Day At Home

February 3, 2015

Valentine’s Day 2015 is on a Saturday – make it a romantic celebration-in with these at-home spa tips!

If you’re looking to make this a weekend celebration, check out our ideas on how to celebrate a Valentine’s Day weekend! Pick up a spa basket filled with all of the essentials – keep in mind when choosing the perfect spa assortment to try and choose a scent you will both enjoy. Here are several tips for a spa day at home – while this is a great activity for a romantic night, in a spa day can also work for ladies night!

Spa gift basket with lavenderStart by selecting the spa scent. When choosing your spa assortment, try to choose a scent that the both of you will enjoy. If you’re unsure, a safe option is always a “clean, fresh” scent such as with the Apres Rain Spa Basket.

Create a spill-proof zone. Neither one of you is going to want to jump and grab the paper towels when you’re mid-relaxation with a face scrub on. Rather, take some time beforehand to cover floors and surfaces in old newspapers or similar so any accidental drips or spills can be addressed after the relaxation time is over.

Keep the menu light. Starting with breakfast and throughout the entire day, choose meals that won’t leave you feeling heavy or bloated.

Skip the 3pm coffee. If coffee or tea are part of your daily routine, be sure to indulge in the morning, pre-spa activities. The reason for this is any muscles that caffeine can actually cause muscles that have relaxed during the spa-tacular itinerary to tense up.

Light candles. Set the scene with dim lights and lit candles. If your spa supplies are scented, opt with unscented candles as to avoid overwhelming the senses. shared an easy tutorial on turning using sheet music to create your own “musical” candles for Valentine’s Day, which brings us to our next tip…

Prepare a playlist. For a romantic spa day, pick your favorite love-inspired songs. If you the two of you have a special song, be sure to throw it in the mix.

Prepare warm towels. If possible, do a laundry load of towels and dry them morning of. Store them in an sealed bag to keep the warmth in. That way, you have warm towels to use during your spa day!

Prepare conversation cards. As much as you may know about the other person, there is always more to learn! Prepare conversation cards with random questions such as, “what’s your favorite 80s song” or “what’s your dream vacation” or similar questions that you may not know the answers to. Alternatively, you can prepare topics to discuss for a deeper conversation. These will come in handy during downtime such as waiting for a face mask to harden!

Cool down with refreshing sips and snacks. You’re guaranteed to be spending a lot of time in hot steam during this day, so be sure to stay hydrated and refreshed with cool drinks or snacks (like mini wine popsicles – yum!).

Experiment with essential oils. As mentioned above, spa and steam go hand in hand. Take advantage of this by adding a dash of essential oils to the mix! Choose essential oils known for their benefits, such as sage, eucalyptus, or clarysage.