Smile Farms Farmer Spotlight

April 5, 2016

In our February newsletter, we proudly introduced Smile Farms Inc., and its inspiring story! Today we would like to introduce you to Thomas Reilly and Dominique Johnson, two farmers at Smile Farms at IGHL. They have been featured in the Farmer Spotlight on Smile Farms’ Social Media platforms. Check out what they had to say!


farmer spotlight, Thomas Reilly

Farmer Spotlight, Thomas Reilly

farmer spotlight, Dominique Johnson

Farmer Spotlight, Dominique Johnson

Farmer Spotlight! Congratulations Thomas Reilly and Dominique Johnson on four years of employment with Smile Farms Inc. Best of luck with your future plans!

As a corporate sponsor of Smile Farms,® provides the charity with support in many ways, including donations, volunteers, business mentorship, cause marketing campaigns and most importantly — spreading the message.

Currently located on Long Island, New York, with the help of citizens, corporations and government entities, they have ambitious plans to expand and create a network of farms across the United States.


Smile Farms farmers in the greenhouse

Smile Farms Farmer Spotlight Farmers Working with Mulch

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