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Most Popular Baby Shower Trends of 2012: Part 2

October 24, 2012
Pink & Blue Twin Newborn Gift Basket

Welcome back to the baby bonanza! Last week, we covered two of the top five baby shower themes of 2012. The fun continues with three more trendy ideas, plus tips on how guests can get involved with fun games and cute baby gifts.

Personalized New Baby Girl Welcome WagonBring-a-Book Showers
When I was a kid, I used to carry a stack of books (which was often taller than me) everywhere I went … and I mean everywhere. My passion for reading stemmed from the simple fact that there were so many books lying around the house, waiting for their pages to be turned. Bookworms like me who want to start a miniature library for their new babies have given birth to this baby shower trend. When a guest attends a bring-a-book shower, they bring a copy of their favorite children’s book in addition to other essential baby gifts. They can even write a personal message on the inside cover to transform the book into a timeless keepsake. A bedtime story is the perfect addition to baby gift baskets or larger gift arrangements, like the Personalized New Baby Girl Welcome Wagon or the Newborn Girl Comfy Baby Gift Basket. By the end of the day, baby will have a collection worthy of a young scholar.

Sweet New Baby Boy Gourmet Cookie TinMini-Foods/Brunch Showers
Personally, stocking up on appetizers is my favorite part of every occasion. Their small size makes it fun and easy to sample a variety of foods. Combine that with my favorite meal, brunch, and you have the perfect baby shower menu! This year, lots of future moms celebrated with baby-sized finger foods (sliders, mini sandwiches, pies and cakes on sticks, tiny French toast squares, doughnut holes, and mini muffins, for example) rather than larger entrees. Serving your guests small, individually wrapped desserts—like the rich buttercream-frosted cookies in this Sweet New Baby Boy or Girl Cookie Tin—will definitely stir up some excitement at your baby shower. When it comes to baby shower fare, tiny is in!

Personalized Baby Boy Little Slugger Gift BasketMan Showers/Daddy Diaper Parties
Who says guys can’t have their own baby showers? While the women are ooh-ing and ahh-ing over cutesy gifts, the men are out for one last late-night hoorah with their buddies before the real sleepless nights begin. Eating barbecued favorites like burgers and wings, watching sports, playing poker and drinking from beer-filled baby bottles are all popular ways for the boys to celebrate. Plus, there’s no need for guests to go gaga looking for baby gifts: All they have to bring is diapers! The Deluxe Baby-Cakes Boy Essentials diaper tower is a great gift option. Bath towels and baby boy gift baskets are also easy and functional gifts for man showers. The Personalized Baby Boy Little Slugger Gift Basket has everything daddy needs to get his future all-star ready for bath time.

There you have it: the top 2012 baby shower trends. Which one is your favorite? If you’ve recently thrown, or been invited to, a baby shower with a unique theme, tell us about it! What was it, and how did guests get in on the action?