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Hospital Care Package Ideas for Your BFFL

November 13, 2012
It's Time! Mommy's Maternity Essentials Bag

A-DOG-able Sick As a Dog ArrangementWhenever you need a helping hand or just someone to share a good laugh with, your best friend always comes to your rescue. So when your BFFL finds herself in the hospital, it’s time to give her some extra lovin’ in return for all those times she’s stood by you. Whether your friend is recovering from surgery or having a bouncing new baby, the hospital isn’t exactly the snuggest place to stay. So as her trusty sidekick, you can help her feel more at home by putting together a thoughtful care package. Here are some hospital care package ideas that will get your friend back on her feet in no time!

Ease the Road to Recovery

Staying in a hospital because of surgery or illness means spending a lot of time alone in a dull environment. Lucky for your amiga, you know how to make her smile in any situation, and this is no exception. Bring the comforts of home to her hospital room and help her painlessly pass the time with these fun, practical gifts:

Care & Comfort Get Well Essentials Bag for Her

  • BFFLBags Care & Comfort Get Well Essentials Bag for Her (there’s one for him too!)
  • Cozy pajamas, robe and slippers
  • Soft, comfy blanket and pillow cases
  • Lip balm and body lotion (dry hospital air can leave your friend’s skin feeling parched)
  • Antibacterial gel
  • MP3 player with headphones
  • Portable DVD player and movies
  • Novels and magazines (or they can borrow your e-reader/tablet)
  • Puzzle books and brain games
  • Snacks (treat your friend to all the munchies she desires with the Friend on the Mend Doctor’s House Call Kit … if it’s allowed by doctors, of course)
  • Flowers, picture frames and cheerful decorations

Pamper the New Mommy

With so many pictures being snapped of the proud new mama and her bundle of joy, having a baby is an exciting time for your friend … but sometimes the hospital stay can be anything but glamorous. Who better than you to lift her spirits with a fun makeover? Help her get ready for those close-ups and keep her feeling refreshed with these revitalizing indulgences:

Has your BFFL ever had to make a trip to the hospital? How did you make her feel comfortable while she recuperated?