New Baby Gift Baskets

Three New Stylish Baby Bottle Bags, Plus a Diaper Bag Checklist for On-the-Go Moms!

November 21, 2012
Baby on the Go Tulip Bottle Bag Gift Set

Baby on the Go Tulip Bottle Bag Gift SetWhen mom and baby are out and about, anything can happen! Spills, diaper mishaps, sudden fevers … you name it. That’s why it’s important to carry a diaper bag that’s locked and loaded with everything you need to face (and avoid) any messy situations. Not sure where to start? Here are three cute, stylish and practical bottle bags to stash in your diaper bag, plus a handy diaper bag packing checklist to print out and take with you wherever you go!

Baby Bottle Bag Ideas

The Baby on the Go Tulip Bottle Bag Gift Set for girls, and the Baby on the Go Chibi Zoo Bottle Bag Gift Set for boys, fits snugly into your diaper bag and comes equipped with loads of baby essentials. Nestled in the insulated are three bibs and two Plum Organic Just Fruits baby food pouches. Plus it fits two baby bottles and much more!

New Baby Bonanza Diaper Bucket Bag Deluxe Gift SetFor stylish mommies on the run, the New Baby Bonanza Diaper Bucket Bag Deluxe Gift Set features the hottest new products from the Bella Tunno NECCESSORY line, a celebrity favorite! Cleanup is a breeze with the disposable bibs, placemats, potty pads, and multipurpose pads that are packed in this fashion-forward bag. For easy access to mom’s emergency stash, the bag features stroller straps, exterior bottle pockets and a secure zippered parents-only pouch.

No matter where you and your little one are heading off to, you can rest assured that these convenient bottle bags will help you bring all of your necessities with you. What else should you carry with you at all times, you ask? Use the following checklist as a guide, and you’ll never be caught ill-equipped again!

Diaper Bag Packing Checklist

For Baby:

_ One diaper for every hour of your trip
_ Baby wipes and tissues
_ Changing pad
_ Diaper rash cream
_ Baby powder
_ Baby wash and lotion
_ Plastic bags (to store dirty diapers and clothes)
_ Three changes of clothes
_ Socks
_ Two pacifiers
_ Teething gel and teething ring
_ Bibs and burp cloths
_ Hand sanitizer
_ Bottle and formula
_ Ice pack (to keep formula cool, if necessary)
_ Water and juice
_ Healthy snacks
_ Weather-appropriate blanket
_ Hat and gloves (to keep your baby warm in cold weather)
_ Sunscreen
_ Emergency contact information (doctors, hospital, insurance companies, etc.)
_ First-aid kit
_ Antihistamine for babies (in case your baby has an allergic reaction to something)
_ Fever reducer for babies
_ Nasal aspirator and nasal spray
_ Nail clippers
_ Baby hairbrush
_ Toys and books

For You:

_ Nursing cover (for moms who breastfeed)
_ Breast pads
_ Wallet
_ Keys
_ Cell phone
_ Sunglasses
_ Pen and note pad
_Change of clothes
_ Water and healthy snacks
_ Camera (to capture all those precious moments!)
What other baby essentials do you like to keep on hand in case of emergencies? Tell us about it!