Last-Minute Colorful St. Patrick’s Day Drink: Rainbow Fruit Sangria

Looking for the perfect last-minute recipe to add some color to your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations? Start with a colorful assortment of fruit (like one from our famous fruit baskets) and make your own rainbow in a glass! If this drink is for adults, top with white wine. If this drink is for children, a light colored sparkling soda such as Sprite or ginger-ale will work.

Get the full recipe for this Rainbow Fruit Sangria over at!

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Savory and Sweet Blackberry Thyme Cheese Recipe

While cheese can be eaten as is, the entertaining geniuses at came up with a way to make it even better (if that’s even possible). The careful mix of a soft ripening cheese mixed with blackberry and thyme takes an ordinary roll of cheese and turns it into something truly extraordinary in flavor. Imagine pairing this with a fresh loaf of bread? DELICIOUS. Get the full recipe for this Blackberry Thyme Baked Cheese!


Looking for more cheesy goodness? Treat yourself (or someone you love) to a savory cheese basket filled with your favorites!

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Last-Minute Party Snack: Pulled Pantry Mix

Whether it’s neighbors popping in to say hello or in-laws surprising you with a visit, sometimes there isn’t always time to plan a full menu to feed the guests. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still wow! came up with the perfect snack for those last-minute guests: a pulled pantry party mix! Check out their tips for this easy idea (hint: it includes grabbing odds and ends for your pantry and creating something delicious and new!).

Recommended Snacks To Keep In The Pantry:

Dried Fruit & Nut Assortments


General Snack Assortments

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Valentine’s Day Spa-tacular: 10 Tips for Having a Spa Day At Home

Valentine’s Day 2015 is on a Saturday – make it a romantic celebration-in with these at-home spa tips!

If you’re looking to make this a weekend celebration, check out our ideas on how to celebrate a Valentine’s Day weekend! Pick up a spa basket filled with all of the essentials – keep in mind when choosing the perfect spa assortment to try and choose a scent you will both enjoy. Here are several tips for a spa day at home – while this is a great activity for a romantic night, in a spa day can also work for ladies night!

Spa gift basket with lavenderStart by selecting the spa scent. When choosing your spa assortment, try to choose a scent that the both of you will enjoy. If you’re unsure, a safe option is always a “clean, fresh” scent such as with the Apres Rain Spa Basket.

Create a spill-proof zone. Neither one of you is going to want to jump and grab the paper towels when you’re mid-relaxation with a face scrub on. Rather, take some time beforehand to cover floors and surfaces in old newspapers or similar so any accidental drips or spills can be addressed after the relaxation time is over.

Keep the menu light. Starting with breakfast and throughout the entire day, choose meals that won’t leave you feeling heavy or bloated.

Skip the 3pm coffee. If coffee or tea are part of your daily routine, be sure to indulge in the morning, pre-spa activities. The reason for this is any muscles that caffeine can actually cause muscles that have relaxed during the spa-tacular itinerary to tense up.

Light candles. Set the scene with dim lights and lit candles. If your spa supplies are scented, opt with unscented candles as to avoid overwhelming the senses. shared an easy tutorial on turning using sheet music to create your own “musical” candles for Valentine’s Day, which brings us to our next tip…

Prepare a playlist. For a romantic spa day, pick your favorite love-inspired songs. If you the two of you have a special song, be sure to throw it in the mix.

Prepare warm towels. If possible, do a laundry load of towels and dry them morning of. Store them in an sealed bag to keep the warmth in. That way, you have warm towels to use during your spa day!

Prepare conversation cards. As much as you may know about the other person, there is always more to learn! Prepare conversation cards with random questions such as, “what’s your favorite 80s song” or “what’s your dream vacation” or similar questions that you may not know the answers to. Alternatively, you can prepare topics to discuss for a deeper conversation. These will come in handy during downtime such as waiting for a face mask to harden!

Cool down with refreshing sips and snacks. You’re guaranteed to be spending a lot of time in hot steam during this day, so be sure to stay hydrated and refreshed with cool drinks or snacks (like mini wine popsicles – yum!).

Experiment with essential oils. As mentioned above, spa and steam go hand in hand. Take advantage of this by adding a dash of essential oils to the mix! Choose essential oils known for their benefits, such as sage, eucalyptus, or clarysage.

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5 Tips for Keeping In Touch With Old Friends + New Acquaintances

What’s the age-old saying, new year new you? Make it a point this year to stay in touch and strengthen bonds you may have made in the past with these tips for keeping in touch with old friends and new acquaintances.

tips-for-keeping-in-touchStay on top of birthdays. Thanks to social media, this is easy! If you’re not always on top of checking your social profiles on a daily basis, be sure to opt in for birthday reminder emails; if staying in touch is important to you, wishing someone a “happy birthday” is an easy and personal way!

Keep track of fun facts. Keep a rolodex of contact information AND fun facts you learn about them. Do they have a favorite artist or travel spot? Send them articles you may come across related to their interests. If they have children, write down any ages, birthdays, or interesting facts about them so you can bring up these facts when appropriate. Putting that extra personal touch and showing them you care will really make them more susceptible to building a stronger, longer lasting relationship.

Use email to add humor to their day. Now days, most email inboxes are flooded with promotional offers and add little value to their life. Give them a reason to open their inbox by adding a touch of humor to their day (or week). Be it a funny article, photo, or just a simple joke that will make them smile, they will be reminded of you and your bond will grow stronger. Be sure to add your contacts to the “bcc” list so their emails don’t become public knowledge.

Utilize social media. Help your other relationships by making social media your best friend! A simple “like” on a work anniversary, life milestone, or status update will keep you at the top of their mind and remind them to maybe reach out to you and give YOU a call. While “liking” is a great first step, actually commenting on the social status or photo is an extra personal touch and a great way to start a quick conversation and dialogue.

Host Mixers. Keep in touch with an entire group in a matter of hours by hosting a mixer for everyone to enjoy! This can be as complex as a themed party or wine party at your home or as simple as a happy hour at the local pub.

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Start the New Year Off Right With Healthy Smoothie Recipes

Did your New Year’s resolution involve a healthy 2015? If so, or if you’re just looking for a satisfying smoothie sip to whip up in your favorite blender, you’ll love these must-try smoothie recipes from!

Each recipe featured includes at least 1 fruit or berry for a satisfyingly sweet way to get your daily serving of fruits. Quick tip: if you have a fruit that’s just about to turn, throw it in the blender and turn it into something new and delicious. Smoothie on!

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Holiday Gift Baskets Ideas for Every Relationship

While you may known your friends and family members well enough to get them a gift that perfectly speaks to them, there are others in your life who are slightly harder to shop for. Surprise those outside your extended circle with the no-fail gift of a gift basket! Here are some holiday gift basket ideas for those in your life who deserve a special sentiment for the season.

Boss & Coworkers

Chances are, you see your colleagues more than some of your friends and family members! Thank them for all of the support throughout the year with a coffee gift basket to help keep them fueled throughout the day. Does your business friend enjoy tea rather than coffee? Send a tea gift basket instead!


Toast to your significant other’s family with a festive wine gift basket! It’ll give you an excuse to stop by If you’re not sure if they prefer red or white wine, be safe and give a gift that includes both.


They grab your mail when you’re away and feed your dog when emergencies arise; spread some holiday cheer to your literally “closest” pals by surprising them with a Meat and Cheese basketon their doorstep. Who knows, maybe they’ll even invite you over to indulge in the bounty!

Child’s Teachers & Caretakers

There’s no denying that taking care of children can be… stressful. Thank those who help protect and educate your most important gift – your children – with a gift that’ll help them melt their stresses away with a luxurious spa gift basket.

Service Employees

Thank your local post office worker, garbage disposal associate or the helping hands that keep your building afloat (superintendents, doormen) with a juicy gift that’s sure to sweeten their season! These holiday fruit gift baskets are sure to satisfy even the “pickiest” recipient!

Long-Distance Friends

Far in distance but near at heart! Your friends and acquaintances may be more than a short drive away, but let them know they’re still at the top of your mind with an overabundance of festive sweet treat with one of the decadent dessert baskets from Cheryl’s.

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The Ultimate Holiday Entertaining Guide

The holiday season is finally upon us! Do you know what that means? Holiday parties, family reunions, and of course – gifting! Our friends at put together The Ultimate Holiday Entertaining Guide featuring festive foods, fun party ideas, creative decor inspiration, and a holiday gift guide to satisfy every type of recipient!


What is your favorite way to entertain the holiday season? Do you fill your weekends with swinging holiday soirees? Or keep it casual with at-home holiday movie nights? Share how you celebrate in the comments below!

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Turn a Gift Basket Into a Stylish Cheese Spread

Turn a cheese basket into a stylish spread for your holiday party with a few simple steps!

The party ideas pros at share this extra cheesy party platter that’ll impress guests and add a sophisticated element to your party food spread. Dress it up with crackers, dip, gourmet meats, and more. By labeling the different cheeses, you not only turn the appetizer bar into a culinary experience, but make it easy for guests to establish which cheeses are their favorite as well as which ones they will be avoiding next time. Get the how to for this amazing DIY Chic Cheese platter.

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What Would a Pilgrim Put in a Gift Basket?

While 1800baskets has only been around since 2001, people have been gifting an assortment of gifts packaged into one unique gift holder for hundreds of years. With the Thanksgiving season in full swing, that really got us thinking – how would the ancestors of Thanksgiving fill their gift baskets?

Taking inspiration from common pilgrim foods, activities, and celebrations, we put together some of the items we think you would find in a Pilgrim’s gift basket!

Fresh fruit. Plums, grapes, and apples are traditional.
Seasonal vegetables. Squash, corn, carrots, and more!
Berries. Cherries, blueberries, and of course – cranberries.
Tea. The pilgrims may have left England, but there are some traditions they couldn’t leave behind.
Books. Reading material for the daytime or candle-lit evenings.
Cooking utensils. You can always use an extra mortar & pestle.
Sewing tools. An extra spool of thread is a must.
Stationery. For writing to their families back home or loved ones in the next village.
Beer. Popular in England, the pilgrims did not have the means to produce this age-old sip.
Cheese. A common food for “break fast.”
Puzzles. An inexpensive and educational way to pass the time.
Spices. Keeps food (primarily meat) fresher for longer.
Candles. Illuminate a world without electricity.
Words of Inspiration. Long work days and cold seasons with famine could use a touch of inspiration.
Seeds. For planting or snacking on!
Nuts. An easy-to-store snack full of protein and healthy fats!
Fishing gear. Reel in the good times.
Gardening gear. Gardening gloves are always in style (back in those days).
Winter accessories. Gloves and mittens and scarves, oh my!
Extra Wow Factor: Fresh Meat. They’ll really know you care.

Did we miss something? Share what YOU think a pilgrim would put in a gift basket in the comments section below! Together, we can come up with a wow-worthy assortment to impress even the most traditional settlers!

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