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Say “Thanks” With These End of School Year Gift Basket

May 28, 2014

While there’s no place quite like home, children spend a majority of the time out of the home. Mom and Dad are the first ones they see when they wake up and the last ones they see when they go to bed, but what about the other authority figures they see in between

Whether it’s learning at school, perfecting their musical talents, or practicing before a big game, there’s always an adult nearby overseeing their progress and acting as a coach and cheerleader. With the school year drawing to an end, it’s time to start thinking about all of those teachers, caretakers, coaches, and other inspirational people that deserve a great big “Thank You!”

End of School Year Gifts for…

Fruit Gift Baskets

School Teachers
From planning to lessons to providing an encouraging environment for children to learn and flourish, the school teacher does it all. And if gifting an instructor with an apple makes you teacher’s pet, then  gift from our Fruit Basket collection is sure to put you in the running for teacher’s best friend!

Filet Mignon

Sports Coaches
Whether he or she is coaching football, baseball, soccer,  or tennis your child’s sports coach is most likely to be a fan both on and off the courts. Surprise them with a gift from our savory steak collection to take their next at-home sports game screening to the next level! Pair it with a favorite recipe or steak sauce if you would like to add a personal touch. Wine Gift

Music Instructors
Music and wine go hand in hand. Thank those inspirational music teachers with a gift they’re sure to appreciation, like an elegant gift from our Wine Gift Basket collection. If you know the music instructor on a more personal level, pair the wine gift with a recording of their favorite classical sonata.

Thank You Snack Gift TinBus Drivers
Does your transportation provider take the time to help your child cross the street? Or maybe they put extra effort into making sure the driving experience is more comfortable and the environment is extra tidy. Thank your stand out bus drivers with a gift from a snack collection; since they spend most of the day on the go they’ll love being able to nibble on snack-friendly treats while making their daily rounds.

Gift Basket with Tea

Private Tutors
Unlike school teachers, private tutors meet students beyond the normal 9-3 time slot. Based on time of year and their client’s schedule, they may have to meet their students anywhere from Wednesday night to early Sunday morning. Keep them going with a basket from our Coffee & Tea Gifts collection. Choose their brew of choice and send a surprise full of their favorite caffeinated beverage paired with a treat or two.

Wonderful You Thank You Gourmet Fruit Gift Basket

Gifts From a Group
Looking for the perfect end of school year gift idea from a group? Gather contributions from the whole class or group and wow your special recipient with a basket or snack assortment from our Thank You gifts collection! From fruit baskets to famous Junior’s cheesecake, you’re sure to find the perfect gift to suit your recipient.

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Thoughts of You Stationery & Tea Gift Basket

May 29, 2012
Thoughts of You Stationery & Tea Gift Basket

Thoughts of You Stationery & Tea Gift BasketA beautiful gift for your most thoughtful friend or family member! The Thoughts of You Stationery & Tea Gift Basket is definitely one of my favorite gifts from 1800baskets.

In a soft woven Lavender basket that is completely perfect for spring, is an assortment of stationary including a large notepad, small notepad, and 10 notecards with envelopes. All are decorated with beautiful purple and green spring prints and the cards are printed with a “Thinking of You” message, handy for thoughtful recipient who loves to let those close to them know that they are thought of.  Continue Reading…

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Spring Delight Godiva® Chocolates Gift Basket

April 30, 2012

Whoever said that diamonds were a girl’s best friend clearly never had a sweet surprise like this Spring Delight Godiva® Chocolates Gift Basket delivered to them!

Upon delivery, this beautiful gift basket is perfectly assembled (not a box out of place!) in an off white aluminum gift basket and protected by a tight seal and a glimmering green bow with a floral decoration to top it off. This chocolate gift basket has a very stunning presentation!

First things first, laying out all the chocolate that’s inside this gift basket. I slip off the hand-tied bow ever so carefully, so that I won’t ruin it and place it to the side. Tucked inside the gift basket is an array of chocolate bars, pieces, cocoa and more. As a proper product review, I know immediately that I have to taste every bit of chocolate in this basket (professional obligations of course!).

The Godiva® Dark Truffle Heart Biscuits are absolutely delicious. A sweet yet buttery cookie with a topping of smooth dark chocolate, this cookie is too good.

I set aside only one Godiva® Gems® Truffle, because I don’t have that strong of will power if I leave them all out. Another rich chocolate to eat, also more rich chocolate to hide from myself.

Inside this chocolate gift basket is Godiva® Caffe Chocolate Truffle Coffee and a packet of Godiva® Milk Chocolate Cocoa. It’s too late in the day for me to make either of these surely delicious beverages, but I know they will come in handy when the weather decides to randomly dip down about 20 degrees!

I’ve seen the Godiva® dessert bars and chocolates around a few stores or checkout lanes for a while but I’ve only bought one flavor as a special treat. The Godiva® gift basket contains one Godiva® Dark Chocolate Raspberry Bar that perfectly marries dark chocolate with sweet raspberry filling. I’ve read recently that dark chocolate is supposed to be good for you, so I’ll just count this as a healthy part of the gift basket (it has fruit; that counts right?).

There really is no health-conscious excuse for the Godiva® Strawberry Cheesecake Dessert Chocolate. It’s just amazing and tastes like they were able to fit a strawberry cheesecake inside a tiny chocolate casing. Maybe that could be my argument, this beautiful chocolate bar makes up for me not eating an entire strawberry cheesecake slice with chocolate drizzled over it. Sounds like a good excuse to me!

The last item in this bountiful chocolate gift basket is the small box of Godiva® Dark Chocolate Covered Raisins. I’m not a huge fan of chocolate covered raisins, but even I can’t resist eating a few because the chocolate enrobed over it is just too good to say no to.

The Spring Delight Godiva® Chocolate Gift Basket is basically the best chocolate gift to give for any and all chocolate lovers. There is more than enough chocolate inside this small gift basket to hold you over for a few chocolate cravings. They’ll love every content of this gift basket and can even use the container when they’re finished!

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Healthy New Year!

January 5, 2012
Modesto Valley Fruit & Nut Gift Basket Product Code:96093

Welcome Back Basket Readers!

Modesto Valley Fruit & Nut Gift Basket Product Code:96093

Modesto Valley Fruit & Nut Gift Basket $54.99; Product Code:96093

Hope everyone had a wonderful break, holiday, and New Year! I spent some quality time with my family, friends, and more importantly my bed and Netflix subscription (Joking…kind of). I’m really excited to be starting a fresh year and, in all honesty, to be done with the Great Feasting period otherwise known as the combined months of October, November, and December. (I know, me getting sick of food? It’s like I don’t even know myself!)

Everyone loves food holidays, but after a while, meals just become obligatory and then I spend a whole day holding my sides in pain from too many bread rolls. So I’ve decided that my New Year’s Resolution is to make it through January being a vegetarian and giving up coffee, pop, and extra sweets. It shouldn’t be too hard for me since I don’t eat meat on a daily basis, but it will be a fun challenge and nice way to sort of detox. January is the time to start on our resolutions that will most likely be forgotten by the second week of February, but I might as well try it out anyway! Five days in and it’s really not that bad, of course I still have the rest of the month to go!

I figured for my beginner’s sake and for any of you lovely readers trying to keep your own resolutions, I would make this returning week about our fruit gift baskets and some healthy living and eating tips!

fruit gift baskets You all probably remember from early Fall and Summer when I would not shut up about apples. But apples really all the Superfruit for me. And lucky for all of you, most of our fruit gift baskets come with a healthy supply of delicious apples! All of our fruit gift baskets are very healthy and very fresh. These gourmet gift baskets are filled with mouthwatering fruits straight from the orchard, like Bosc, Comice, and green D’Anjou pears, Fuji and Braeburn apples, ripe oranges, delicious snacks like cheese, flatbread, nuts, and more. It’s a great gourmet gift to send or receive without any food guilt!

Healthy Tips

Drink more water. Water is now your best friend! Drink a glass of water in the morning when you wake up to replenish oxygen to your body overnight. Water flushes out your system and clears out toxins. Water also makes you less tired, gives you more energy, plus it eliminates headaches and aids in hydration. It could also help you eat less when your body is confusing thirst for hunger. Tea is a great alternative for if you’re bored with water.

Start a simple diet change. Slowly incorporate more colors into your food if you’re not used to change in meal plans. Adding bright tomatoes, leafy greens, corn, beets, cabbage, and fresh fruits to your everyday eating will make it easier to transition to a healthier lifestyle. Also eat healthier carbs like wheat and whole grain. A handful of nuts is great for an on- the- go snack and will help build up your protein.

Don’t quarantine certain foods. Putting a mental block on certain foods can be more destructive along the way. When you’re not eating sweets or salty treats you enjoy, your body only wants these items more. Instead, try smaller portions of your favorite treats, and try to slowly take them out of your eating schedule. Smaller serving sizes are a great tip for all around eating. Especially if you’re going out to a restaurant or an outing with friends, try to split items or order smaller plate foods. Wrap up some of your food to go and listen to your body when you think you’re full.

Exercise. (Duh, Alex!) Even if it’s just going for a short walk in the mornings, during your lunch break, or after work, it’s important to get your body moving. I know that all I want to do when I get home from work is curl up in my bed, especially now that it’s winter. But this is prime time for shaping up, before we get to Spring and Summer and feel too defeated to do any real workouts.

Breathe! It sounds silly, but taking some time to literally breathe is more beneficial than you think! DTake some time out to do some deep breathing and replenish oxygen to your blood cells. It doesn’t hurt when it comes to eliminating stress or tension either!

Hope this list leaves all of you as motivated as it’s made me! In the comments section below (1-2 paragraphs) tell me what some of your New Year’s Resolutions are or ways that you like to stay healthy! I’ll be giving away FIVE of our Modesto Valley Fruit & Nut gift baskets to some lucky and random winners next week!

Happy New Year!

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Chocolate Covered Strawberries!

August 18, 2011

Congratulations to Diane (posted at August 18, 2011 at 2:05 pm) and Elaine Kontra (posted at August 16, 2011 at 11:27 am)! Please send your full names and address to me at and I can send over your Back to the Books Snack gift basket! As always, thank you to everyone for participating and don’t forget to tell your friends to join us on Facebook.

Remember when everyone was all “aw we missed out on chocolate covered strawberries and we’re so sad about this”? Remember that? Well, wipe away those tears! Did you know we have a Chocolate Dipped Strawberry club that delivers decadent, mouthwatering strawberries to you four times during the year?

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Club $19/mo Product Code:94976

Continue Reading…

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Back to School!

August 11, 2011

Congratulations to Jen (posted at August 11, 2011 at 11:47 am), Amanda (posted at August 4, 2011 at 7:52 pm), & Esther P. (posted at August 8, 2011 at 1:43 pm)! Please send your full names and address to me at and I can send over your Colossal Fortune Cookies! As always, thank you to everyone for participating and don’t forget to tell your friends to join us on Facebook.

Back to School! This is actually really strange for me since this is the first fall since I can remember that I haven’t gone back to school (graduation is weird). Maybe I am just one of the odd ones, but I was always extremely excited to go back to school no matter how great of a summer I had been having. I could barely sleep the night before my first day or my first class (you would think it was Christmas or something). I love going to new classes and meeting new people, I love meeting new teachers or professors, I love picking my seat and getting to buy new notebooks, and binders, and picking out my favorite pens (0.5 mm fine point if you’re curious). And that first day of class where you write down everything perfectly because you imagine that this year you’ll be more organized and neat with your notes and you’ll be on top of your game every single week (first week dreams obviously). Everything is all fun and games, and then you get your first student loan bill.

Back to School Snackin’ Backpack $29.99, product code: 94719

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Teacher Appreciation

Teacher Appreciation with a Luxurious Spa Gift :)

May 18, 2010

Good Afternoon! We’ve been thinking about Teachers and how “Teacher Appreciation Week” is great but just isn’t enough. Just like Moms, Teachers should be appreciated all year long. So we decided to write this post and invite parents to comment with teachers from their kids’ schools who they think deserve a luxuriuous, pampering spa gift from

We will randomly pick a few teachers and then send them one of our luxurious spa gifts! We will also hand write each teacher a letter (signed by our entire company) showing our appreciation for their dedication to teaching.