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Deluxe Balsam Gift Basket. Perfect For Birthdays and For Every Occasion.

January 14, 2016

Want to send a thoughtful gift basket filled with savories and sweets? We suggest a treasure, our most popular gift basket — the Deluxe Balsam Basket.

Elexe Balsam Gift Basket Congratulations

Send a Friend Congratulation Wishes!

This exquisitely hand crafted gift basket is brimming with an abundance of savories and sweets and is wrapped in a beautiful ribbon.  A lovely gift to send to a friend or loved one for any occasion — birthday,  thank you, sympathy, thinking of you or congratulations.

Our graceful, sumptuous gift basket is made of fine, hand-woven natural willow. It’s filled with treats like rich and crisp Fannie May® Cookies & Cream Bark, crunchy Brown & Haley® Almond Roca® Buttercrunch Toffee, decadent Godiva® Chocolate Truffles, lush Ferrero Rocher® Chocolates, velvety Ghirardelli® Double Chocolate Cocoa, smoky mozzarella, mini baguettes and much more! It comes with an occasion specific hand tied bow or hang tag.

Deluxe Balsam Happy Birthday Basket

Know Someone Who Would Love This Birthday Basket?

Occasions To Send The Deluxe Balsam Gift Basket

  • Birthday

  • Thank You

  • In Sympathy & Support

  • Thinking of You

  • Congratulations

It’s easy to visualize your next Deluxe Balsam Gift Basket, our #1 Basket. Go to:  here on the website and select a birthday, special occasion or sympathy basket.

A great gift is one that is a true reflection of you – of your taste, your style. It reflects how you feel about the person you’re buying it for.

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Say “Thanks” With These End of School Year Gift Basket

May 28, 2014

While there’s no place quite like home, children spend a majority of the time out of the home. Mom and Dad are the first ones they see when they wake up and the last ones they see when they go to bed, but what about the other authority figures they see in between

Whether it’s learning at school, perfecting their musical talents, or practicing before a big game, there’s always an adult nearby overseeing their progress and acting as a coach and cheerleader. With the school year drawing to an end, it’s time to start thinking about all of those teachers, caretakers, coaches, and other inspirational people that deserve a great big “Thank You!”

End of School Year Gifts for…

Fruit Gift Baskets

School Teachers
From planning to lessons to providing an encouraging environment for children to learn and flourish, the school teacher does it all. And if gifting an instructor with an apple makes you teacher’s pet, then  gift from our Fruit Basket collection is sure to put you in the running for teacher’s best friend!

Filet Mignon

Sports Coaches
Whether he or she is coaching football, baseball, soccer,  or tennis your child’s sports coach is most likely to be a fan both on and off the courts. Surprise them with a gift from our savory steak collection to take their next at-home sports game screening to the next level! Pair it with a favorite recipe or steak sauce if you would like to add a personal touch. Wine Gift

Music Instructors
Music and wine go hand in hand. Thank those inspirational music teachers with a gift they’re sure to appreciation, like an elegant gift from our Wine Gift Basket collection. If you know the music instructor on a more personal level, pair the wine gift with a recording of their favorite classical sonata.

Thank You Snack Gift TinBus Drivers
Does your transportation provider take the time to help your child cross the street? Or maybe they put extra effort into making sure the driving experience is more comfortable and the environment is extra tidy. Thank your stand out bus drivers with a gift from a snack collection; since they spend most of the day on the go they’ll love being able to nibble on snack-friendly treats while making their daily rounds.

Gift Basket with Tea

Private Tutors
Unlike school teachers, private tutors meet students beyond the normal 9-3 time slot. Based on time of year and their client’s schedule, they may have to meet their students anywhere from Wednesday night to early Sunday morning. Keep them going with a basket from our Coffee & Tea Gifts collection. Choose their brew of choice and send a surprise full of their favorite caffeinated beverage paired with a treat or two.

Wonderful You Thank You Gourmet Fruit Gift Basket

Gifts From a Group
Looking for the perfect end of school year gift idea from a group? Gather contributions from the whole class or group and wow your special recipient with a basket or snack assortment from our Thank You gifts collection! From fruit baskets to famous Junior’s cheesecake, you’re sure to find the perfect gift to suit your recipient.

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Unique Administrative Professionals Day Gift Ideas for Every Recipient

April 16, 2014

Administrative Professional is more than just a title; it comes with the responsibility of paying attention to every detail big or small, and even requires the psychic ability to know what the boss needs before he or she even knows it’s needed. Although we celebrate Administrative Professionals Day on April 23rd, bosses everywhere have recognized the true importance of these supporting roles, and have dedicated a whole week – starting on April 20th and ending April 26th – to celebrate the unsung heroes of the office.

Administrative Professionals Day Gifts for Men

From martinis to meats, send a man-approved gift for them to enjoy on their next day off. Think about your recipient’s likes and hobbies when choosing a gift to really show appreciation. If he’s known for his skills on the grill, send a hearty package full of savory steaks. If his idea of an ideal Saturday night includes a wine tasting at the local vineyard, surprise him with a wine gift basket. Get personal with your selection and you’re sure to wow your recipient! Meat and Cheese Basket

Scented Soaps for Men Fisherman Gift Basket Glass Jar with Jumbo Cashews




From left to right:

Epicurean Meat & Cheese Baskets
Muir Woods Scented Soaps for Him
Fisherman’s Favorite Snacks
Vintage Pressed Glass Jar with Jumbo Cashews

Administrative Professionals Day Gifts for Women

Your favorite administrative professional could certainly use some extra relaxation and fun, so gift her with something that will make her weeknights a bit more enjoyable. Include a bonus gift in the card message such as the rest of the afternoon off or maybe even a three-day weekend!

1800baskets Thank You Deluxe Balsam Basket 1800baskets Party On Margarita Box 1800baskets Warm Vanilla Spa Basket

1800baskets Ultimate Coffee Break Basket




From left to right:

Thank You Deluxe Balsam Basket
Party On Margarita Market Box
Warm Vanilla Relaxation Spa Basket
Ultimate Coffee Break Basket

Administrative Professionals Day Gifts for the Whole Office

Show the whole office appreciation by surprising the whole office with a bountiful basket filled with sweet snacks and treats, sized for sharing. Send a company-wide invitation (or one to just the administrative professionals in the office) for the staff to join you for a much needed mid-day break. It’s the smallest sentiments than can make a big difference, and really, who doesn’t just love food? Now you’re on your way to earning that “#1 Boss Mug” you’ve been using for years.

1800baskets Popcorn Factory Great Big Thank You Snack Tin 1800baskets Orchard Indulgence Basket 1800baskets Flower in Bloom Gourmet Fruit and Nuts 1800baskets Mrs. Beasley's Ultimate Dessert basket




From left to right:

Flower in Bloom Gourmet Fruit & Nuts
Orchard Indulgence Fruit Gift Basket
The Popcorn Factory Big Thank You Snack Tin
Mrs. Beasley’s Ultimate Dessert Basket

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Take a Look Inside Our #1 Gift Basket!

July 17, 2013
Deluxe Balsam Gift Basket

Deluxe Balsam Gift BasketLooking for a special way to say “Happy birthday,” “Get well soon” or “Thank you” to that very important person in your life? Our #1 gift basket is the champion of presents: With its gorgeous packaging and delectable treats, it’s no wonder the Deluxe Balsam Gift Basket is our customers’ top pick! Take a sneak peek inside to see what makes this our most popular gift for every occasion.

The elegant hand-woven basket, made from natural willow and tied with a customized satin ribbon, makes a thoughtful statement for any life event—from birthdays to the loss of a loved one. Just pick the sentiment that best fits the occasion. There are five to choose from: Just Because, Happy Birthday, Thank You, With Sympathy, and Get Well. Everyone will love the basket’s simple and graceful design, which fits in perfectly with any home décor.

Gifts Included in the Deluxe Balsam Gift BasketBrimming with an abundance of sweet and savory snacks, this gift basket doesn’t just complement your loved one’s decorative tastes; it satisfies their every food craving too.  The smoky mozzarella mini baguettes, Otis & Betty’s Original Snack Mix, and crispy pretzel sticks included in the basket are perfect for anyone looking for a salty fix. On the flipside, the velvety Ghirardelli double chocolate cocoa, richWalker’s chocolate chip hazelnut biscuits, crunchy Amaretti Virginia Italian cookies, creamy Debeukelaer Pirouline wafer rolls, and tasty Perugina Capri citrus and berry Italian candies will make anyone with a sweet tooth smile ear to ear.

So if you’re in search of a gift for your #1 friend or family member, look no further. Give them the gift that all of our customers are raving about, and you’re sure to make a big impression at your next important event!

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5 Sweet Ways to Celebrate National Sibling Day

April 10, 2013
Cheryl's Thank You Cookie Flower Pot

Cheryl's Thank You Cookie Flower PotCelebrate the lifelong bond between brothers and sisters: April 10 is National Sibling Day! From the early childhood days when you playfully tortured each other, to the now grown-up days when you turn to one another for unconditional love and support, your siblings have always stuck right by your side. Here are some sweet, thoughtful ways to show your brother or sister how lucky you feel to call them family.

Send them a gift.

Throughout life’s most important moments, our siblings are always there for us. They listen to our worries and fears, they give us no-nonsense advice when we need it, and they always know how to make us laugh. Sending them a thank-you gift basket with a heartfelt note lets your siblings know that everything they do is not only noticed, but also much appreciated.

Call them.

Some of us are fortunate enough to live near our brothers and sisters. Others are not. The beauty of brotherhood, however, is that no number of miles can separate siblings’ hearts. Whether the last time you spoke to each other was yesterday or last year, give your siblings a call and tell them how much you love them. Even if you’re going through a rough patch and aren’t on speaking terms, today is the perfect day to make amends.

Invite them to dinner.

Just like the good old days when you used to share a dinner table, have your brothers or sisters over for a comforting home-cooked meal. Make the foods you all loved to eat while growing up, and use the one-on-one time to catch up with each other. Reminisce over happy old memories … and make new ones together too.

Help them with something.

When life sometimes gives you more than you can handle, you can count on your siblings to lend you a helping hand. For all those times they helped you move into a new apartment, fix your car, find a new job, go grocery shopping and more, now’s time to return the favor. No matter how big or small their chores are, show your siblings your gratitude by helping them tackle their to-do list.

Share old photos with them.

Siblinghood is often the longest relationship of our lives: From the cradle to the grave, our brothers and sisters never stop being our siblings. With so many years you share together, you also share a lifetime of photos that capture your most precious memories. Dig up those old pictures of you and your siblings, and look through them together. Physically watching your relationship grow over time doesn’t just give you a sense of closeness and comfort; it also solidifies your brotherly love for many years to come.

How will you celebrate your brother or sister on National Siblings Day?

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The Top 5 People You Should Say “Thank You” To

October 3, 2012
Thank You Parisian Terrace Fruit Gift Basket

Thank You Parisian Terrace Fruit Gift BasketWelcome back, gift basket fans!

After taking a short break, the Designer’s Corner Blog is back in action! Allow me to introduce myself: I’m Stella, the new blogger, and I’m so excited to be bringing you fun, creative party and gift ideas each week!

One of the first things everyone learns about me is that I’m obsessed with finding the perfect gift to make someone smile ear-to-ear. When I’m celebrating a special occasion, I can never walk into a store, pick a random item on a shelf and throw it in a gift bag. I spend hours, even days, searching for presents that are personal, meaningful and practical. In other words, I want my gifts to speak to someone’s heart—and to be cherished long after they’re given. Now, I’d like to share my gift-giving mania with you! I have tons of gift ideas for you, so let’s get started.

National Gratitude Day might be over, but that doesn’t mean the spirit of appreciation can’t live on! There are so many people who brighten up our lives each day in both small and big ways, and there are even more thank-you gift options that show them how thankful we are to know them. I personally love thank-you gift baskets because you can fill them with tons of personalized items. I thought it would be fun to put together a list of the top five people we should all thank on a daily basis, plus some great thank-you gift ideas for each!

Best of Junior's 4-Flavor Cheesecake SamplerMom
My mom, who looks like my identical curly-haired twin, has been my best friend since the moment I was born. She’s the first person I go to when I need advice or a good laugh, and “me-time” is not a word in her vocabulary: She always puts family first.
Ultimate Thank-You Gift: If your mom never stops giving, spoil her with the Best of Junior’s 4-Flavor Cheesecake Sampler.


Complete Wine Tasting Party Kit Gift BoxBest Friend
My life wouldn’t be the same without my weekly dates with my best chicas. These girls don’t hesitate to lend me their ears whenever I have something juicy to say, and there is never a blah moment when we join forces.
Ultimate Thank-You Gift: Gather all your gal pals and treat them to a night of tasty drinks and gut-busting laughs. This Complete Wine Tasting Party Kit Gift Box will do the trick.


Fannie May Decadent Chocolate StrawberriesSpouse/Significant Other
Whether he’s sending me handwritten “I love you” notes in the mail or traveling two hours to surprise me at work during lunchtime, my boyfriend pulls out all the stops when it comes to showing me how much he cares.
Ultimate Thank-You Gift: Show your sweetheart just how sweet they are by surprising them with a box of Fannie May Decadent Chocolate Strawberries.


Wonderful You Thank You Gourmet Fruit Gift BasketNeighbor
I’m lucky enough to live in a neighborhood where everyone looks out for one another. My neighbors go above and beyond lending the occasional cup of sugar: I know I can always trust them to keep a watchful eye on my home while I’m away.
Ultimate Thank-You Gift: Return your neighbor’s considerate gestures by leaving a Wonderful You Thank You Gourmet Fruit Gift Basket at their doorstep.


Big Thank You Caramel Apple With CandiesTeacher
I might not be in school anymore, but it’s because of the lessons I learned from my English teachers that I’m here writing this blog! My instructors were never short on encouragement and inspiration.
Ultimate Thank-You Gift: Forget the boring red apple and drop this Big Thank You Caramel Apple With Candies on your favorite teach’s desk.

Now it’s time for me to get to know you! Who are you grateful to have in your life, and how would you thank them?

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Who do you want to send good fortunes to?

August 9, 2012
giant fortune cookie

giant fortune cookieWelcome back readers! 

As always, I appreciate all of your comments and answers. Personally, I would choose a lot of fruits with antioxidants like blueberries and pomegranate, apples, gouda cheese, and raw honey comb! One of my recent obsessions is raw honeycomb from Savannah Bee Company, I stopped there during my road trip and need to order some more soon. But enough about bees, let’s move on to prizes. Congratulations to Kelly (August 2, 2012 at 5:45 pm), ShellyAnn V. Ramcharan (August 3, 2012 at 12:08 pm), Bill (August 6, 2012 at 10:56 am), Jamekia Marrero (August 7, 2012 at 12:04 pm), and Gail (August 9, 2012 at 9:49 am)! Send your shipping information to me at and you’ll each receive our Arbor Harvest Fresh Fruit Sampler Box!

Recently, I read somewhere that Chinese culture believes in certain numbers being lucky because of how they phonetically sound and the words they are associated with. Yesterday was 8/8 and was supposed to be a VERY lucky day because the number 8 in Chinese sounds like a word used to mean “wealth” or “prosper”. Perhaps I should have read that sooner and bought a lottery ticket! Today, 8/9 is supposedly lucky as well because 9 is a homophone of the word for “long lasting”. Maybe you can all tell me if you had a bit of lucky these past two days!

I don’t know how much stock I put in superstitions, but I do know that every once in a while we could all use just a little bit of luck to help us through our day. From the big things like buying a home or having a baby down to the little things like hoping for a stress-free day, it’s comforting to know that at least someone is out there concerned about your day-to-day and wishing you well. I know I have a few friends who could use a pick-me-up and some good fortune. giant fortune cookies

If you’re looking to lift some spirits, start with a phone call or letter to catch up on their day or be a source for them to rant to. Let them know that you’re there for them and really listen to everything they have to say. You can also send them something enticing and surprise them with your well-wishes.

Obviously, I love our Giant Fortune Cookie Collection and it’s perfect for our lucky (and some not so lucky) days ahead! View our whole collection Here.

Now I want to hear from you, in the comments section (1-2 paragraphs) who do you want to send some luck to? FIVE lucky winners will receive a giant fortune cookie of their own! Can’t wait to hear all about it.

Good luck if you need it and have a wonderful weekend!

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Which Gift Basket Would You Choose?

July 19, 2012
new baby gift basket with monkey

stationary gift basket writing and teaWelcome back readers!

As always, I loved all of your Thank You Gift suggestions (and even better, some of you put down really great recipes and dessert ideas!). Clearly, whoever is lucky enough to receive a thank you gift from one of you is in for a special treat. And I have a few of my own gifts to send out! Congratulations to Cathy B*****y (July 13, 2012 at 12:01 am), Judy (July 17, 2012 at 9:08 pm), Amanda S (July 18, 2012 at 10:50 am), Shannon J. (July 19, 2012 at 10:16 am), and Pat (July 19, 2012 at 12:50 pm)! You will all be receiving our special All Smiles Gourmet Sweets & Treats Gift Basket! Please send your shipping info to me at and I’ll have your gift baskets sent out to you.

As I’ve said, I love reading through all of your comments (and sometimes even look there for future blog post ideas!). One comment I saw made me think of a really interesting topic that (of course) I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on. When making or receiving a gift, do you prefer an all food gift or do you prefer a gift with reusable objects? spa gift basket lavender

I know this really depends on the occasion, but usually the rule of thumb is to stick with food gifts because you know they can always be used…or well, eaten. But sometimes when I get a gift basket full of my favorite things like new books, magazines, pens, and all corresponding items, I can’t help but love it more. And in a way, I think it says a lot that someone knew which things you would enjoy!

But as I said, you can never go wrong with food. Sure it’s around every day, but there’s something extra delicious about a gourmet treat that someone specifically picked with you in mind. new baby gift basket with monkey

We have tons of gift baskets overflowing with delicious foods ready and on the go, but I definitely think our specialty gift baskets can hold their own!  As far as new baby gift baskets, this adorable monkey gift basket is super sweet and will put a huge smile on mommy’s face.

If you’re looking for a relaxing gift, our spa gift baskets are divine. Check out this Lavender spa gift basket sure to relax and soothe whoever is lucky enough to use it! Or if you’re interested in a more active way to relax, this trendy and ready to go yoga gift set is perfect (and comes with some great essentials for your workout!). yoga gift set

Feeling a bit pensive? Our Thinking of You stationary gift basket is a real treat! Check out a review I wrote on this gift basket here.

So what do you think? In the comments section (1-2 paragraphs) let me know which gift you prefer and why! FIVE lucky and random winners will receive a sweet prize next week.

Have a great weekend! 

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Thank You Gifts

July 12, 2012
thank you gift

Welcome back everyone,

I hope everyone had a fantastic Fourth of July holiday with a lot of relaxation and down time, it seems like there were also a few delicious cookouts had (yum)! A huge thank you to everyone who commented well wishes on my road trip! All of your comments were much appreciated. I got to explore some caves in Kentucky, see fireworks in Savannah, and lay around on Myrtle Beach (the best kind of road trip always involves a beach in my opinion). And now I’m back thinking of fun and exciting party and gifting ideas!

thank you giftThe only topic that comes to mind for me right now would be thank you gifts. How great is it to receive an unexpected gift that lets you know someone appreciates something you did for them!

Weddings don’t have the only corner on the market anymore! Thank you gifts can be the one thing that someone remembers from your party, event, or dinner. One of my friends had a housewarming party just to show off their new place and provided cute little “thank you gift bags” filled with candy for everyone who attended. For younger children’s birthday parties, I’ve seen a lot of decorated candy and caramel apples being used as thank you gifts that look so delicious (blame Pinterest for pointing me to all of those pictures)!  You can also use larger thank you gifts for interviews or coworkers that you want to showcase.

Thank you gifts can also be a great memento from you to a friend that lets them know you were thinking of them and all that that do. Send a great gift to a friend who recently helped you move or provided much needed comfort during a stressful time. I recently made a thank you gift for a friend of mine filled with new books, comfort food, tea and things she would like just for always being my go-to person to call when in need and she surprised me by making her own gift for me the next time I saw her. Now we have a little tradition of creating sort-of care packages for each other!

Along with your thank you gifts, don’t forget to include a generous thank you note! It personalizes your gift more and shows them that you took extra time to appreciate them.

Below are some helpful Thank You Note suggestions:

  • Make your note at least three sentences
  • Avoid pre-printed or fill-in-the-blank thank you cards.
  • When thanking someone for money, don’t name the amount. Say “Thank you for the generous gift.”
  • Handwrite your notes if possible! Don’t print out thank you notes on your computer.
  • Don’t be generic, try to include some personality.

What do you guys think? In the comments section (1-2 paragraphs) tell me what would be a great Thank You Gift idea? FIVE lucky winners will receive a thank you gift of their own!

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Mendocino Fruit & Nut Crate

June 12, 2012

A rich and flavorful gift for every health-nut in need! Another one of our healthier gift selections, the Mendocino Fruit & Nut Crate makes the perfect summertime or anytime gift to give.

It arrives in perfect presentation, a clean sleek wooden box tray with four sections filled to the brim with delicious goods. My tray came with dried fruits such as apricots and plums, freshly roasted pistachios, and a dried fruit and nut mix. The burst of bright yellow, orange and red hues from the fruit livens up this nutritious gift and makes it very appealing to the eye. I almost did not want to disturb it, but who am I to turn away amazingly delicious snacks?

The dried fruits are packed with flavor and easy to devour. The pistachios are roasted to perfection and pair perfectly with variety of fruits they came with. partners with Torn Ranch to bring this absolutely stunning and delicious gift. Healthy, tasty and kosher, it really will please anyone lucky enough to receive it!

I sampled some of the treats upon arrival, but have since saved these to bring with me to work, for lunch or snacking, and as a great post-workout snack to build back some energy. The fruit and nut combination is a great way to snack healthy while getting in some much needed vitamins and minerals, from lowering cholesterol to providing much needed protein.

Did you know that you can even recycle pistachio shells? Empty pistachio shells can be used as fire starter for kindling, or you can place them on the bottom of pots for your houseplants to be used as drainage and soil retention for up to two years. You can use the shells as mulch for shrubs and plants that require acid soils, particularly plants that grow blue or purple hued flowers, to retain that pigment.

Get this gift for any health-conscious friend or someone you want to say hello to! It’s perfect for summer, to enjoy with friends out in the sun. Or even during the colder months as a sweet and nutritious treat in between large holiday celebrations!