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Mendocino Fruit & Nut Crate

June 12, 2012

A rich and flavorful gift for every health-nut in need! Another one of our healthier gift selections, the Mendocino Fruit & Nut Crate makes the perfect summertime or anytime gift to give.

It arrives in perfect presentation, a clean sleek wooden box tray with four sections filled to the brim with delicious goods. My tray came with dried fruits such as apricots and plums, freshly roasted pistachios, and a dried fruit and nut mix. The burst of bright yellow, orange and red hues from the fruit livens up this nutritious gift and makes it very appealing to the eye. I almost did not want to disturb it, but who am I to turn away amazingly delicious snacks?

The dried fruits are packed with flavor and easy to devour. The pistachios are roasted to perfection and pair perfectly with variety of fruits they came with. partners with Torn Ranch to bring this absolutely stunning and delicious gift. Healthy, tasty and kosher, it really will please anyone lucky enough to receive it!

I sampled some of the treats upon arrival, but have since saved these to bring with me to work, for lunch or snacking, and as a great post-workout snack to build back some energy. The fruit and nut combination is a great way to snack healthy while getting in some much needed vitamins and minerals, from lowering cholesterol to providing much needed protein.

Did you know that you can even recycle pistachio shells? Empty pistachio shells can be used as fire starter for kindling, or you can place them on the bottom of pots for your houseplants to be used as drainage and soil retention for up to two years. You can use the shells as mulch for shrubs and plants that require acid soils, particularly plants that grow blue or purple hued flowers, to retain that pigment.

Get this gift for any health-conscious friend or someone you want to say hello to! It’s perfect for summer, to enjoy with friends out in the sun. Or even during the colder months as a sweet and nutritious treat in between large holiday celebrations!