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Mother’s Day Gift Guide & Quiz

May 3, 2012

Welcome Back!

Still stuck on what to get or do for dear ol’ Mom? Do our fun little quiz to help pick the perfect gift for your special Mom called: GUESS THAT MOM! Answer the questions below to figure out what kind of Mom you have and a special gift we’ve lined up for her. It’s simple and silly (and I was very close to just making this into a quiz about which Spice Girl we all were) but we’re almost at the end of the week, so it’s time for a little fun.

When you’re done taking our little Mother’s Day Gift Quiz, tell me in the comments section (1-2 paragraphs) which answer you got and come up with your own gift idea that would fit!

Q: What is the one object your Mom can’t live without?

A) Her gardening gloves
B) She’s named the oven
C) Her all new organic shower scrub and exfoliator kit
D) An always full chocolate dish in the kitchen

Q: It’s party time! Where is your Mom?

A) Setting up a beautiful floral centerpiece on the table
B) Cooking all the food and playing hostess to the guest
C) Sitting back and enjoying the party, grabbing treats as they come
D) Eagerly awaiting which desserts they bring out

Q: If your Mom had her own TV show, what would it be?

A) Redesigning yard spaces on HGTV
B) Move over, Giada! Mom has a new cooking special on Food Network!
C) Definitely a reality show
D) Think Anthony Bourdain, but with only desserts!

Q: What is Mom’s favorite holiday? (Besides Mother’s Day of course!)

A) Earth Day
B) Thanksgiving
C) Does Summer count as a holiday?
D) Halloween or Valentines Day

Q: What’s Mom’s favorite color?

A) Earthy Green
B) Fiery Red
C) Tranquil Blue
D) Warm Chestnut

Q: It’s Sunday afternoon, where is your Mom?

A) Out in the garden, of course!
Cooking up a gourmet brunch
At her spa appointment
Whipping up a sweet Sunday confection

Did you get…

Garden Tote with ToolsMostly A’s: She’s a nature woman! You can always find her out in her garden tending to the flowers or enjoying the greenery around her. We’re sure she’d love this Gourmet Garden Tote Gift with Tools.




Cucina Rustica BasketMostly B’s: A natural born chef, you really mean it when you say there is nothing like Mom’s home cooking! Get her a great gift that she’ll love to use like this Cucina Rustica Italian Gift Basket.




Apres Ski Spa Basket

Mostly C’s: No one knows how to be more relaxed than Mom. She takes “treat yourself” to a whole new level! We know that she’ll love this pampering Apres Rain Spa Gift Basket.




Spring Godiva Chocolates BasketMostly D’s: It’s no secret: Mom is an absolute chocolate lover! The best way to Mom’s heart this Mother’s Day is with her sweet tooth! (To be fair, all of her is pretty sweet). She’ll definitely love this Spring Elegance Godiva® Chocolates Gift Basket.